Absolut Vodka Party!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Was invited to the Absolute Vodka party afew weeks back..

Such an awesome party!
Nadnut and her boyf ccb, Jacelyn and her boyf was there,
Jayden and fabian was there to attend the event too,
All thanks to Belinda for the invitation! (:


Wearing my bling bling bracelet i bought from taipei last year.. hehe


It's a freeflow of cranberry vodka goodness all night long!


Cheers to Vodddddddka people! (:

Brought boyf along, he's really not a nightlife person,
so he was like kinda bored somemore Jacelyn brought her boyf that night
so boyf had nobody to disturb and "kajiao" !





Hahahaha, boyf trying to look like nadnut's babyboy!!!

evurl cat copy2





Absolut Vodka actually came up with a new cocktail named Absolut Bloody
thus they brought us all together to party to celebrate the brand new concoction!


We all got to bring home a bottle of vodka in our media kits! Teehehehe..





Lol, i was pretty drunk by the end of the night, while dancing on the dancefloor
i caught the vodka tee the performer threw.. and i took this photo
which is totally.. WTF when i was looking at the photos the next morning.


Lol drunk weird expression?

Omg I'm super excited! Going to Malaysia, Kuantan to attend
my ex-colleague's wedding this weekend, will be flying there
on Friday morning and coming back on Monday!

Will be bringing my mummy's net book there so I'll still be updating my twitter! (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick

Advertorial: Loves Coach

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sponsored Advertorial:

Muahaha, after i came back really dog tired after the first day of work..
i received a package that put me in such an awesome mood!


It's my new Coach Poppy OP Art Glam tote bag!
The owners of Loves Coach lovingly sponsored me my first coach tote
from the Poppy collection.

I've been lemming for one of these for awhile now,
cos the Coach X Poppy collections are so vibrant & funky!
Best lah, this tote is big enough to fit everything i need for work, even A4 size documents, and i love to lug everything i need around all the time hehe.


Absolutely in love with this purse. look that the cute coach tag with
all the colourful sequins, bits & pieces embedded in it!

If you're thinking whoa, pink/orange tote damn hard to match different outfits,
but you're wrong! infact, i've been using this tote for the past 3 days
and it didn't look out of place with my outfits!

I know lots of you might have lots of question marks, thinking
hmmm, but Fidelis, how can you be 100% SURE that it is authentic,
and safe
getting from Loves Coach?

When you order from Loves Coach, the bag would be received brand new with tag,
authenticity card and the receipt from Coach... See here:


Why is it so much cheaper than Coach & Kate Spade in Singapore?
These bags/pouch/wallets are actually purchased directly from Coach/Kate Spade's factory in USA (thus the receipt i shown you earlier.. it's in USD)

Btw, they are not rejected goods, the reason it's cheaper
is because they purchase directly from the factory.

Picnik collage

There will also be personal delivery right to your home for orders S$200 and above!
Mad good service, no need to pay extra for courier!
If lower than $200 in value you can self collect the items if you want to inspect the item on the spot.

If your item is lost in shipment, LovesCoach will even assume all responsibility,
refunds/replacement will be made then.

Picnik collage

There are limited pieces per design and colour, plus it's so much cheaper than getting them right from Coach or Kate Spade in Singapore!

ahhh, i'm so tempted to get another bag from Kate Spade from Loves Coach,
Pay day faster come! Faster go check out Loves Coach's website, linked them below.


My ex-manager and I, we're flying over to Pahang, Kuantan
Adelynn's wedding
this weekend
. It's my first time attending a wedding overseas actually, mad excited!
Definitely need to re-do my nails for this happy occasion.

so i made an appointment at Milly's at Bugis junction outlet!

I did gel extensions the last time round, and Tina added abit more gel to fill
in the space where my nails grew out.. and i changed my nail design
so something sweeeeeeter! (:


What do you think? You like you like?

Tina did an absolutely greeeeeat job with my extension!
Nobody noticed they were extension unlike my previous experience
with acrylic extensions when they look pretty obvious it's fake..

This is Milly's website:
You can find their contact/promo details there, so do check it out! (:

Kotex WOW party

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I was invited by Nuffnang to attend a WOW party last month.. I know! Super late post.
went there with Esther and got to meet lots of the other blogger!


We were given flowery name-tags. So cute!

Yes it's the wow.. wow..WOW party!


We also got to decorate our own cupcakes!
There were like pink/purple/blue/yellow icing pipes for us to design our cupcakes <3 href="">



Little purple/blue hearts around my cupcake..


Lol, my F looks like CRAP!

They provided us with these cute little boxes so we can bring our self decorated cupcakes home!

Pictures SPAMMMMM with the other bloggers!


Lol, oh Cordeliaaaaa. this girl is CRAZY!
throughout the whole event every single time she walked past me she'll smack my ass! Wtf?! lol!


Ju ann!



Wanna see what's the WOW thing about the Kotex WOW party?


Pads with flowery patterns on it!

There were several over patterns too, i got the "girl next door" series
with all the sweeter, more cutesy patterns
When it wasn't revealed we all thought the pad would be in like solid colours,
full pink, full GREEN, full RED you know.. to match the colours of your panties!


Tampons with colourful wrappers, cute!

Phuket Sept 2010: Day 1

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Phuket September 2010, Day 1:

Woohoo Phuket! I've been there with my parents when i was only a little girl,
i don't actually remember being there except for seeing the photos we took there then!
In the photos i saw the gorgeous crystal clear blue-emerald sea
and never ending stretches of white fine sand.

Thinking of the gorgeous beach, it really makes me sigh every time i stare
at the beauty of the sea when i was in Phuket.

Boyf's getting me a HD camcorder for my 20th birthday + 6th anniversary gift
(Expect to see youtube tutorials/reviews when i get my present! :D )
So we spend the whole night researching and watching reviews of the model of camcorder
i'd want and finally decided on one!

The day didn't exactly start out well after researching for camcorders,
we slept for maybe 2 hours the night before we flew to Phuket,
We woke up 1 hour late, practically FLEW to the airport, thank god boyf's dad was super nice to have offered to fetch us to the airport at 6am!

Hehehe, went to dfs and picked up some lipsticks then board the plane already!



Boyf sleeping like a pig. I can never sleep on a short flight like that!
... except on the way flying back to singapore, all the excitement over already can bear to sleep already!

The flight from Singapore - Phuket took only 1.5hours..
We're reaching!!! Omg omg omg omg


Yay yay yay yay!!! Just landed, waiting to get off the plane now.
Argh, All the singaporeans are so kiasu. Chill lah! Cannot let the people in front get off first?!



My huge straw bag is from TheBlogShop, one of my newest most favourite bag
since i got it afew weeks ago!

Exit the airport, turn right and go straight ALL the way to the counter with the taxi metre sign,
From Phuket airport to Patong it cost around 400 baht
and to kata beach it cost around 500baht.


They tried to rip us off by asking us to pay 600baht at the counter, thinking we're idiots.
We want to take a metered taxi why should we pay upfront a fixed rate at 600baht,
by the time we reach our hotel at Sugar Palm Grand HillSide,
it's only around 450baht inclusive of the 100 baht airport fee.

So if they ask you to pay upfront INSIST that you want to go by the meter.

Loaded our luggage and stopped by a 7-11 store to grab a bottle of drink
and a prepaid sim card to call back home.
Awwww, saw this dog sleeping under a stationary motorbike! So sweet!



Hair.. plantation?

Woot! Reached our hotel at Kata Beach!


Stayed at the Sugar Palm Grand Hill Side, got a pool access room,
which is TOTALLY AWESOME, more pics on that below! , booked the hotel through

Researched on the 3 most popular beaches in Phuket, Patong/Karon/Kata.

Patong is the most commercialized beach, with TONS of choices
for hotel, food, massage, nightlife, nightlife at patong is CRAZY,
heard that the beach in patong is the worst, i've no idea haven't seen it for myself,
It's like bangkok. Everywhere we went there are like prostitutes
and people coming up to us asking: " Want watch ping pong show? Tiger show?"

Karon is pretty boring, doesn't seem to have much shops open when we passed by to head over to patong, more for a really chill out beach vacation i guess.

Kata, i chose kata beach because i didn't want a crowded, dirty beach.
It's much quieter, best for couples and family vacation!
Saw pictures online of the white sandy crescent moon shaped beach and i was sold.
Kata beach has ample of beach activities, plenty of restaurants on the beach
and along kata central, not-so-crazy nightlife, afterall boyf and i together we're not really into clubbing.. prefer to go with my girlfriends.. hehehe :D

Checked in and off we go on the buggy which was my most exciting experience
on a buggy ever!!! Lol i really dunno how to explain,
if you stay there next time you'll get what i mean. hehe


Boyf was like mad happy and he loved the hotel i picked. (:


We stayed like all the way on the 9th floor,
was pretty shocked they gave us such a high floor
but to think of it, it's actually for the best since there's much more privacy!

This was how our corridor looked like:


Love all the sugar palm trees and all the greenery.

Some pics of the room, forgot to take pictures of the bathroom,
it has a shower + bath.. with glass walls so you can see your girlfriend/boyfriend
while they shower, watch Animal Planet on tv while enjoying a hot bubble bath!
Of course they have like shutters if you're shy and prefer to have your privacy.



With a day bed where you can lounge in your bikini and wait for your
super slow boyf to change into his swimming trunks before
jumping into the pool just on the balcony! (:


Maxi dress is from TheBlogShop too!

I was so excited i almost ran down the balcony door to get to the pool!



It's a U-Shape infinity pool with a slightly blocked view of the beach!!!
The pool is really shared with other 3 rooms but we hardly bump into the other hotel guest
while we were in the pool anyway, so it's still somewhat private! (:


Awesome, jumped into the pool and took lots of instant photos.
The fujifilm instant camera is my best x'mas gift from jasmine & adelynn!!!
Hahahas actually if i get any sort of camera i'll be so happy i'd hit the ceiling.

Actually after we jumped in the pool and i caught sight of the view
of the ocean i was like bugging boyf to go to the beach.
So we towel-dried and change to head to the beach!





Woot, went for brunch at a restaurant right outside sugar palm grand hillside,
not so awesome food, so-so only!



Picnik collage

My boyf was so hungry that he...




So sweeeeet, the dog owned by the restaurant (we assumed) just walked
by our table, lay down and took a nap! :D


When we're leaving he was still sleeping.. awwww
i even moved my chair super gently so i won't wake the doggie up.. heheh
Bought the cutest bandeau bikini while strolling to the beach,
The person wanted to sell it at 600baht and i bargained to 350baht!
I think still can cheaper but aiyah whatever, i really liked it anyway!

And finally.. really THE thing we came to phuket for...



We were on the phiphi island tour and the other tourist were asking me
if singapore has a nice beach.. so embarassing!
Singapore only has murky seawater and eeky pricky sand.

I doubt that i'd even dare to step in the seawater in Singapore.
But oh well, at least Singapore is clean , safe and all, ought to make up
for the lack of a proper beach in singapore!


There were like 2 rows of beach chairs, plenty of empty ones!


You pick your own beach chair wherever you want and the
umbrella/beach chair guy will come up and collect $ from you!


200baht for 2 beach chairs + beach brolly for the whole day.

Stripped to my bikini, had a chilled singha,
and watching people playing banana boat, parasailing, surfing..
the weather in september makes if unsuitable for snorkling
since the waves are really enormous and all.

There were even red flags = no swimming in the sea..
oh well, nobody listened as usual! haha lots of surfers!



Think i'm gonna try parasailing when i'm in australia next year to attend boyf's sister wedding (Super looking forward to it, i know it's like next year and all.. but awwww, getting married?!),
i think there are like parasailing for 2 person at one go, at least i won't be too scared!

We forgot to bring any reading materials, all back in the hotel
so we stayed for awhile and went back to the hotel to take yet another dip in the pool
before we freshen up and head out to the Dino Park!

We took a tuk tuk there near our hotel, cos we didn't know how far it was,
they quote us 100baht, which was totally a rip-off after we arrived at Dino Park
which is like less than 3 minutes tuk tuk ride?


Damn cute, Dino Park consist of the Dino Bar, the Dino Mini Golf
Dino Burger (heard some reviews the food is only so-so)



Lol my dino loving kiddy boyf!


Paid for a round of mini-golf!


My ahem, macho boyf will whope your ass with those tiny clubs if you bully me!

The Dino Mini Golf is surprisingly entertaining, not only for kids
but even for a couple like us with funny course like this:


Dino poop obstacle! :D



After 18 superfun and interesting holes, wahahaha may i present you with the results..


We're a TIE!!!! Not too bad for a first timer like me right?!
Kns, boyf didn't want to believe that i caught up with his score lor!

I would totally recommend everyone to visit the Dino mini golf,
It's really not only for kids but fun for couples in their 20's like us,
didn't expect it to be so fun, i only thought of going cos boyf love dinos..

But i think everyone should go in the evening where it's cooler,
i went around 4-5 ish and the air just feels super moist
which made it a wee bit uncomfy and spoiling the fun abit.

Got the waiter at the Dino Bar to snap a photo for us in the "flintstone car"
The waiter/waitress dresses in those flintstone "animal skin" outfits btw, cute!



Woot! Went to buy those one-time use waterproof camera from kodak,
please remember to pack sunscreen + aloe vera gel in case of sunburn,
you can get it there but they're pretty expensive, so just bring it!

And lip balm with spf is just as essential as the sunscreen for your face/body,
i don't know why i forgot to pack such an important item!
my lips were burnt after coming back from phuket cos of the strong scorching sun
for the 4 days, it was so badly chapped/hurt like hell!
I have no idea tat lips can get sunburn!

Did a sugar scrub and applied lipbalm generously when i was back home
from phuket for these few days and all the dead skin etc is gone now! (:

Went to Two Chef @ kata to have dinner, it's really near Dino Park,
just walk around and you will see it.


Saw lots of awesome reviews on tripadvisor for Two Chefs:


Had a tall glass of cocktail, Phuket Paradise.
This stuff is pretty darn strong as compared to the usual cocktails!


Oh you can see a hint of the cute bandeau bikini i bought at kata beach
earlier that day, red with blue/white polka dots, Love it!


Our appetizer: Smoked peppered salmon with feta cheese



Boyf's main: cheese lobster & prawns on bamboo clam with mash potatos


Mine had some super fancy name but it's really beef steak with mash potatoes
the mash potato is like HEAVEN MELTING IN MY FREAKING MOUTH!

Sadly the beef steak is REALLY stiff even when i requested for medium rare ):


Oh yes this is a must-try! My favorite is naturally chocolate + banana.
Before we left for phuket nadnut was like telling me,
you HAVE to try this pancake thing it's really really good.

AND IT WAS!!! We had it for like 3 times when we were there. noms i want more!

Day 2 to be continued...

Loves, TheLuckiestChick